Re: Rogue Males by Lionel Tiger

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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 10:30:05 GMT

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    >Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 14:12:22 +0800
    > Stephen Springette <> Re: Rogue Males by Lionel TigerReply-To:
    >At 09:59 25-01-02 -0500, Scott Chase wrote:
    >>So you were connecting "groupies" and harem members. It's worse than I
    >>anticipated. Women fantasizing about being raped? Being desired and
    >>violated two sides of the same coin? That's an explication that's a little
    >>over the top doncha think?
    >My, how little Western men and women understand each other. But then again,
    >that is to be expected. After all, feminism is just good, old fashioned
    >chivalry. But instead of feminism as chivalry bestowed by men, it is
    >chivalry demanded by feminists. And Scott appears to buy the lot, hook line
    >and sinker.
    I wonder if your misogyny could actually be covetousness or jealousy? Do you wanna be a woman, Stephen, or do you just wish they'd stop stealing your men? Or can you just not get a woman to pay attention to you, and resent it?

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