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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 09:26:17 GMT

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    >At 06:05 26-01-02 -0500, Francesca wrote:
    >>I too think that this would be fascinating. However I don't think
    >>*you* should write it, you would come up with something so
    >>inflammatory that no one would take it seriously. :}
    >How did I miss this deliberately provocative comment?! Was it your
    >disarming smile?
    >Frankie, my purpose is merely to write truthfully. If some of these
    >truths are unpopular and offensive, then so much greater is the
    >urgency with which they should be spelt out. If, as a consequence,
    >people don't take me seriously, then so be it. If, as a consequence,
    >anything I write remains unpublishable, then so be it. If my words
    >are like pearls to swine, then perhaps it is because I am becoming a
    >different type of organism - one that is logically (semiotically)
    >inconsistent with the World culture within which I find myself. I
    >will not change my tone or the content of my writings for the sake
    >of popularity or mass appeal.

    Stephen, I am sad to hear this. I truly do think that you have some
    good points, and as a stay-at-home mother who has found "women's
    work" has lost, rather than gained respect under feminism, I
    appreciate what it is to take a minority opinion on some of these
    issues. I wish you luck.


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