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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 07:41:30 GMT

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    At 10:09 27-01-02 -0800, Joe Dees wrote:
    > It is impos!
    >sible, for instance, to incorporate evolution within the rubric of
    >semiotics, if it is being done properly (and a lot of it isn't). You need
    >memetics for that. As I said before; these two disciplines are
    >complementary; each contributes something that the other cannot, thus
    >combining them in a study maximises one's chances of grokking one's object
    >- which is why it makes no sense to leave one for the other.

    Well put, Joe. But memetics carries too much genetic-determinist baggage,
    and this constant implied reference to genes-as-cause puts a serious limit
    on how far we can take memetics.

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