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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 06:50:36 GMT

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    Frankie said:

    >>.... offering well-reasoned statements laying out your beliefs in a
    >>way that people can see the value of your point.

    Stephen said:

    >"Reason" will have limited effect. Some reasons for this include:
    > 1) There is too much momentum, too much invested in the
    >mainstream view, in order to willingly accept change. People will
    >only change their views when they WANT to change them;
    > 2) There is a tendency, particularly in the West (as I see
    >it) to defer judgement to higher authorities. Self-evident "truths"
    >are of limited value for us, unless they bear the stamp of approval
    >from the relevant authority (academic institution, popular author,
    >Any of the prominent feminists, such as Germain Greer and the like,
    >attained notoriety less through reason than through rocking the
    >establishment. Generally, particularly at the cutting edge of
    >feminism, their ideas were ignored until a certain critical mass of
    >public opinion was reached. People do not base their views on reason
    >alone. Far from it.

    Ah hah, this explains your aversion to it. :) (sorry, I couldn't resist)

    >>>And if their answer is based in materialism or "security", or if
    >>>it is based in attention-seeking
    >>But these are all adaptive motivations, in the sense of natural
    >>selection, however distasteful you might find them.
    >If so, then in this context, patriarchal oppression of women is
    >similarly an adaptive motivation and shouldn't women, according to
    >your reasoning, accept their role as acquiescent doormats?

    I don't see how this necessarily follows from what I said. Killing
    off competitors is an adaptive strategy, that doesn't mean we should
    just shrug our shoulders and have at each other. There are better


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