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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 04:20:11 GMT

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    At 06:05 26-01-02 -0500, Francesca wrote:

    >I too think that this would be fascinating. However I don't think *you*
    >should write it, you would come up with something so inflammatory that no
    >one would take it seriously. :}

    How did I miss this deliberately provocative comment?! Was it your
    disarming smile?

    Frankie, my purpose is merely to write truthfully. If some of these truths
    are unpopular and offensive, then so much greater is the urgency with which
    they should be spelt out. If, as a consequence, people don't take me
    seriously, then so be it. If, as a consequence, anything I write remains
    unpublishable, then so be it. If my words are like pearls to swine, then
    perhaps it is because I am becoming a different type of organism - one that
    is logically (semiotically) inconsistent with the World culture within
    which I find myself. I will not change my tone or the content of my
    writings for the sake of popularity or mass appeal.

    Newton's Laws of Emotion:
    There can be no complexity without simplicity.

    Applied simplicity:

    Stephen Springette

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