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Date: Mon Jan 28 2002 - 03:56:17 GMT

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    > Has anyone written about "meme" bonding? That is: what causes memes
    > to join together to form larger memeplexes? Why don't we just have
    > billions of separate memes floating around in our brains?

    Memes clutter together as most memes have parental memes. Coherence of
    memes like social being often enhances survival rate compared to the loner
    Thus generations of related memes tend to cling together. Examples:
    computers and their parts, other inventions such as the airplane with
    jet-engine, flight-computers, your own manifestation of your self is a huge
    collection of related memes, religious memes taint your whole worldview thus
    determining which
    further memes should be adopted which always have to be compatible with
    adopted religious memes, same goes for scientifically oriented minds. The
    observation that memes are related to other memes, e.g. by composition, is
    incorporated in my recursive definition of the meme. The use of memes acting
    together is analogous to that of genes: take one gene and you have nothing
    for perhaps the production of one type of protein, take 33,000 genes and you
    build a human being.


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