Re: sex and the single meme

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Date: Sun Jan 27 2002 - 05:56:26 GMT

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    > Well it's quite complex indeed. It's just a thought anyway, cause i
    > can't explain myself how suicide memes come about cause i don't
    > really believe in the memes-hijack-us thought.

    Brain-washing and hypnotizing techniques tell you that it can be done

    > I think our brain is constructed to know to a certain extend about
    > our genetic makeup. Like no red-haired woman would have come
    > up with the "red haired women are witches"-meme and so on.

    Indeed, organisms have a remarkable tendency to reject the freaks of their
    species. The human species is no different, beauty coincides with
    averageness by humans. Computer tests have shown that the morphed image
    of pictures of two persons of the same gender is generally regarded to be
    more attractive than the pictures of each person considered separately.
    Freaks of nature are called monsters and cast fear over normal specimen.
    That fear fuels the aggression needed to bring about a violent elimination
    of monsters. It seems that genes have an interest in retarding the speed of
    evolution of the species by bringing about the death of strong deviants.


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