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Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 23:19:04 GMT

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    Stephen said:

    >I suggest you take a look at the writings of Anais Nin (among
    >others). Here's a couple of web sites to get you started:
    >I would also like to quote Anais Nin, from her Diary II:
    > "to be violated is perhaps a need in a woman, a secret erotic need."

    Now this is an area I do know a little bit about. I used to work
    with sexually abused children. There is research which suggests that
    there is a sort of critical period of sexual imprinting, much the
    same as the critical period of parental imprinting for ducklings.
    All of your sensual and erotic experiences during that period are
    thrown into the mix, and form the basis of your erotic sexual life
    thereafter. This research comes out of work with pedophiles which
    suggests that after a certain age (late teens IIRC) there is little
    to no chance to reforming them - the window on this is closed. This
    allows for a great deal of plasticity in our sexual bonding/mate
    selection, and raises the question *why* would nature go to so much
    trouble to generate that plasticity, especially since it can have
    such disastrous results.

    Whatever unfortunate experiences Anais Nin may have had which
    influenced her sexuality in this way, it is wrong to infer that it is
    universal to all women. Just as it is wrong to infer that because
    Jeffrey Dahmer chopped up his lovers and put them in the
    refrigerator, that is something all men want to do.


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