Re: sex and the single meme

Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 21:44:40 GMT

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    Subject: Re: sex and the single meme
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    On 26 Jan 2002, at 13:43, Keith Henson wrote:

    > That's too wide a net to cast. A gene that benefits the entire species
    > does not have any feedback to spread. The math for it to spread means it
    > must save more copies of itself than are lost.

    Well it's quite complex indeed. It's just a thought anyway, cause i
    can't explain myself how suicide memes come about cause i don't
    really believe in the memes-hijack-us thought.

    > You are getting close to the models constructed by the late William
    > Hamilton (Dawkins cites him a lot.)

    Hm, never heard of him. Going to do some readup.

    > Since we are not all that good at determining exactly who we
    > are related too, ...

    This is actually not really required. If one defends a culture which
    includes memes which select for certain genes and these genes
    are also part of the defending individual then the job is done.

    I think our brain is constructed to know to a certain extend about
    our genetic makeup. Like no red-haired woman would have come
    up with the "red haired women are witches"-meme and so on.

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