Re: sex and the single meme

Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 21:44:40 GMT

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    On 26 Jan 2002, at 15:15, Wade T. Smith wrote:

    > Well, what I meant, was, is there any reason behind _acting_ on ideas to
    > know where they came from?

    Well yes, for example with comedy. A parody. If someone wants to
    be funny and tries to copy george bush's behavior in a comic way
    he of course has to remember the memes which originally came
    from him. If he'd just act out all kinds of different memes no one
    would understand the parody.

    > But, on the other hand, there ain't any real reason to trace the etiology
    > of one's memories at all times, or even in general.

    Of course not at all times, but whether you remember something
    your grandfather told you as a child or something you saw on a
    documentation about hitler makes an emotional difference. There
    are different emotions attached to a certain meme, not just
    because of the meme itself but probably also because of its

    Let's say one year ago you'd have travelled to afghanistan and told
    everyone to die for allah and start jihad would that have had the
    same effect as when bin laden said the same to his followers?

    Same with teenagers, it makes quite a difference whether parents,
    friends or idols say something.

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