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Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 19:58:55 GMT

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    > Well yes, but still. These crazy folks on the island select which
    > memes they use and believe in.. with their brains. There's no
    > outside force which does the selection.

    << Seen as the notion itself no !
    But seen as selection pressures, yes, there are outside forces which, and
    I agree, don 't do the selection as such but clear influence what to select.

    > I don't know what others on this list think but i sometimes think
    > that they have this picture in their mind that memes float around in
    > cultural space, mixing themselves with each other based on some
    > unknown rules,

    in a way, yes, there are out there memes floating around waiting to
    picked up, but ' our ' memeplex ain't that eager for just that, though!
    Our memes don 't perform all the time as we expected them to do_
    never had the feeling you missed something completely obvious !?
    Memes are to blame.
    The trick is, in a sense, to find out what it could mean. And than
    of course, all kinds of catalysts will disperse the most logical way
    to follow.

    like they would be personalities for themselves and
    > then we as humans freely welcome the memes which survived
    > in our brains.
    > There might be something like a meme-space but we define what
    > memes are in there and we also partly decide which memes to
    > extract from it. Culture and individual.

    << If you take another stance than the meme- meme- one, yes.
    In the meme- meme- view, no !
    We do not decide, our memes defining the self are doing the se-
    lection, as Philip puts it.
    Memes will give ' you' 2 roads to follow as it were,
    one that will dismiss you of the fact that you have a free will, the meme-
    meme view is such an interpretation.
    Two, memes will give you the prevalent trait that you have a free will,
    and that you, are all the time in control.
    But don 't be surprised, in both ways they serve their own interest,
    their own suvival and propagation must prevail.



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