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Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 19:42:55 GMT

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    > I was referring to the whole brain because i think memes also
    > operate outside of the conscious myself. But i also see it like you
    > that the brain is shaped by memes, but not defined.
    > If the brain would be defined by memes everyone could be a
    > genius. Just read the right books and you become intelligent but
    > there's more to that which is clear i think. Memes are not
    > everything.

    << Indeed, memes have to built brains in oder to make ways for them-
    selves by which they can propagate and eventually survive in the long
    Genes could be altered by the working of memes, and nowadays
    that seem to be more likely than a 100 years ago, but memes still
    need genes.
    > > So when the self selects, provided it is done consciously,
    > > it is actually the memes defining the self who do the selecting.
    > Again here, of course our existing culture in the head also definies
    > which memes we can handle and except/like.. But the dna-defined
    > basic brain structure also does its part.

    << Yes, they give the memes their break to start with, than those
    go from there...

    > When you are in puberty certain hormones get out and you start
    > liking certain songs alot more than before.. and when you get older
    > you get boring ;)

    << No, Salice, get some Nietzsche I would say !
    Create yourself ! Don 't be a dull ! That is just the way culture wants
    you to be. Fight those memes !
    Authenticity and autonomy are crucial points in such a development.
    Just your uniqueness, in a memetic way, gives you the opportunity to
    create your own way of life.
    According to Nietzsche, race, gender, nationality, religion, profession,...
    are not that important, because all of those things are not yours.
    The price that you have to pay for ' imitation 'is very high. ( you give
    up what is really yours).
    We need to live a life what is not entirely based upon randomness and
    coindence, and that is only possible when we take control of our lives.
    Each and any form of conformism must be dealt with, and in a sense
    that means that we must dismiss those memes which opposite such
    attempts. Trying to be an Ubermensch, is not killing the rest, but
    stand above yourself, be yourself, building yourself.



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