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Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 07:11:08 GMT

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    At 06:38 25-01-02 -0800, Joe Dees wrote:
    >Religious conserviatives of all dogmatic stripes have always decried what
    >they proclaim as the liberal secular pedestalling of women as a device to
    >keep their feet in the womens' backs as they keep them pressed face-down
    >in the gutter.

    To clarify. There is nothing conservative about my views. As an
    enthusiastic liberal back when I was doing my undergraduate degree in 1985,
    I eventually saw the hypocrisy of my "liberal" friends and colleagues who
    were, in reality, every bit as "conservative" (if not more so) than the
    mainstream conservatism that they were trying to reject. I became irritated
    with the fashion of liberalism and the jollity and bonhomie by which they
    defined and asserted their rules of proper behavior. The drugs they used
    and the people they fucked had nothing whatsoever to do with freedom, and
    everything to do with peer pressure and the cowardice of conformity.

    Thus I've made for myself a third option. It is one that does not fit in
    with mainstream notions of either liberalism or conservatism. Does that
    make me a religious conservative?

    Newton's Laws of Emotion:
    There can be no complexity without simplicity.

    Applied simplicity:

    Stephen Springette

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