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Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 06:12:22 GMT

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    At 09:59 25-01-02 -0500, Scott Chase wrote:
    >So you were connecting "groupies" and harem members. It's worse than I
    >anticipated. Women fantasizing about being raped? Being desired and
    >violated two sides of the same coin? That's an explication that's a little
    >over the top doncha think?

    My, how little Western men and women understand each other. But then again,
    that is to be expected. After all, feminism is just good, old fashioned
    chivalry. But instead of feminism as chivalry bestowed by men, it is
    chivalry demanded by feminists. And Scott appears to buy the lot, hook line
    and sinker.

    I suggest you take a look at the writings of Anais Nin (among others).
    Here's a couple of web sites to get you started:

    I would also like to quote Anais Nin, from her Diary II:
             "to be violated is perhaps a need in a woman, a secret erotic need."

    Or does this assault your gentlemanly sensibilities regarding the higher
    virtues of saintly womanhood?

    >BTW don't men wish to be desired by women?

    Read the next line - I am not going to teach you something that has emerged
    for me over several decades - not that you'd listen, of course:

    >>Of course these ideas are more sophisticated than is evident in this simple

    In other words, the idea is perhaps too sophisticated for the simplistic
    reductionism by which you are constrained.

    >>>Fully expecting some sociobiological reduction of feminine mentality to
    >>>anisogamy and differing parental investments or some such to be just
    >>>around the corner...
    >>Sorry to disappoint you.
    >I was being sarcastic. My bad.

    ?! not too sure if this deserves a response.

    Newton's Laws of Emotion:
    There can be no complexity without simplicity.

    Applied simplicity:

    Stephen Springette

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