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Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 03:16:51 GMT

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    > The external stance simply lets the brain do what the brain does, in all
    > its complexity and mystery, and, when behavior (so far, human behavior),
    > produces a quantum unit of culture, and that quantum unit tunnels over to
    > somebody else, and they produce a quantum of culture that's highly
    > similar to the extent of being undifferentiable, that's a meme.

    Consider the memes:
    1. Terrorism.
    2. Terrorism causes pain and grief
    3. Terrorism causes pain and grief and should be combatted.
    4. Terrorism causes pain and grief and should be combatted with all the
        we can muster.

    All are memes, but which ones are units? The most tempting guess would be
    `terrorism' right? So then 2 is a meme which contains 1, the unit. But if
    you regard
    memes to be units than 2, is a unit containing a unit and therefore can't be
    a unit.
    A contradiction in terms... To make matters worse, 4 contains 3 and 3
    contains 2:
    so meme-unit 4 would contain unit 3 containing unit 2 containing unit 1.
    nullifies the meaning of the concept of meme as a unit.

    Clearly better alternatives have to be thought of. My recursive definition
    of the meme fits the profile.


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