Re: necessity of mental memes

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Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 00:15:54 GMT

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    > On Friday, January 25, 2002, at 03:13 , Dace wrote:
    > > Just one problem here. The big bang was pitch black. Light
    > > didn't appear until 300,000 years after the big bang
    > No, Ted....
    > Not that you were there, or nothin', but microseconds after the
    > big bang, there was light.
    > "The Big Bang theory predicts that the early universe was a very
    > hot place. One second after the Big Bang, the temperature of the
    > universe was roughly 10 billion degrees and was filled with a
    > sea of neutrons, protons, electrons, anti-electrons (positrons),
    > photons and neutrinos."
    > From
    > - Wade

    The early universe was dark for the same reason the interior of the sun is
    dark. Really, Wade, you shouldn't assume I'm just making this stuff up off
    the top of my head. It's common knowledge among physicists, astronomers,
    cosmologists, etc., that light didn't appear until 300,00 years after the
    big bang (though I recently saw this figure upped to 400,000, unfortunately
    without any explanation for the revised figure).

    If radiation and atoms were the branches of a tree, its trunk would be
    plasma. As long as photons and electrons are welded together, there can be
    neither light nor anything for the light to illuminate. It was the
    separation of this primiordial energy into atoms and light that set off the
    wave now known as cosmic background radiation (still registering at three
    degrees kelvin).


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