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Date: Sat Jan 26 2002 - 01:04:21 GMT

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    At 10:29 24-01-02 -0500, Scott Chase wrote:

    >Is there some subtle parallel here between so-called "groupies" lining up
    >for a chance at N-Sync or The Rolling Stones and the harems of the
    >infamous over there in Afghanistan?

    Absolutely. Reductionist techniques will never reveal wholes or essences,
    and thus this parallel may be lost among many of us. But if we think in
    terms of phenomenology and the very fundamental basis from which we
    experience and interpret our realities, then these ideas become quite
    apparent. Putting this in more simple terms... women lining up to be
    violated by a "bad boy" and women lining up to be provided for by a wealthy
    tyrant are logically consistent. Both are characterized by:
             1) The longing to be desired. The primary logic of Woman is to be
    desired and is consistent with sustaining the known - this contrasts with
    the logic of Man to desire, to explore the unknown for possibilities and
             2) The logical duality between sustaining the known versus its
    destruction. Being desired and being violated are two sides of the same
    coin that is femininity. That's why women often fantasize about being
    raped. That's why they often fantasize about being spoilt. That's why women
    are more prone to depression, envy and all the other psychologies that are
    logically consistent with sustaining the known;
             3) No woman wants to be violated by "just anyone". No woman wants
    to be desired by "just anyone". Bad-boy rock stars and opulently wealthy
    oppressors fulfill both needs;

    Of course these ideas are more sophisticated than is evident in this simple
    line-up. But for the sake of brevity, we might at least get some idea of
    where this is headed.

    >Fully expecting some sociobiological reduction of feminine mentality to
    >anisogamy and differing parental investments or some such to be just
    >around the corner...

    Sorry to disappoint you.


    Newton's Laws of Emotion:
    There can be no complexity without simplicity.

    Applied simplicity:

    Stephen Springette

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