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Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 23:07:24 GMT

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    Hi Scott Chase -

    >The material (clay) is basically the same, so from where stems novelty?

    (Well, basically, but, don't let a potter hear you say that....)

    Well, I'm being pretty straight analogizing this- the novelty in pottery
    comes from the resultant glaze (unless there is some novelty in the
    shaping of the clay, and that is certainly possible), and, while there is
    a good degree of knowledge about how the glaze will look and form, _it is
    not possible_ to know _with certainty_ what _exactly_ the glaze result
    will be.

    Thus, the novelty is an accident, and only happens _in the firing_ of the

    And, I am also saying, that memes are novelties, and only happen in the
    action of behavior, where, like in the kiln, it is not possible to know
    with certainty what 'glaze' will appear on one's 'meme'.

    And there are degrees of this. Mathematical formula present memes of
    preciseness and reliable copyability- their kiln is universal and their
    glaze compound uniform and standardized. And, many memes are such, as
    indeed, the goal of culture is to standardize, as much as possible,
    behaviors, and thus, rules of behavior are enforced, strengthened,
    rewarded, and non-observance is punished.

    Those memes that are unique are floated into a cultural pool where they
    may sink or swim, or be carried upon flotation devices.... ;-)

    And the mind is like unto the kiln in this analogy. Not carrying memes
    around, inside, or through, but supplying and providing and holding the
    processes and materials from which the meme will appear.

    If one wants to call the fire of this kiln a meme, than, so they say. If
    they want to call the clay itself a meme, then so they say again. And the
    glaze, and the tray, and the catalysts, and the door, and even the potter
    who put them all there, then so they say again. But, from my stance, they
    are calling way too many things way too few things, regardless of
    adjectival sprinkles.

    Because, I personally can't eat my cereal out of a bowl still in the
    kiln, nor do I know if there is one in there.

    But, when it is presented to me, I can choose to purchase it. And use it.
    And tell others of it. And resell it, or help others to buy another one.
    Et and cetera.

    - Wade

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