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Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 22:30:38 GMT

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    >It's probably worth noting that the Enronism in business had a major effect
    >on politics. Without Enron, George W. Bush would probably not have won the
    >presidential race. (Even the Republican primary is a big question mark.)
    >Arguably, the executives at Enron were acting as American oligarchs.
    >The whole thing carries over into science as well, since the president of the
    >USA has enormous influence on the science and education budgets in this
    >country. There are real consequences to the lack of effective scrutiny and
    >real accountability enjoyed for so long by Enron.

    Cults are a manifestation of memes, often the really pathological cases
    that demonstrate memes clearly at odds with genes. I noticed this morning
    that one of the Enron people who had been freaking out over their hiding
    loses in partnerships but had made millions when he bailed out of Enron
    committed suicide. It is perhaps appropriate that Enron is analyzed as a
    cult here:

    Keith Henson

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