Re: The Barren Desolate Wasteland of Superdeterminism

From: Philip Jonkers (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 22:51:56 GMT

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    > > Nature seems to
    > > be intrinsically indeterministic at small enough scales. Einstein, being
    > > of the last of the scholars of the classical school of physical
    > > couldn't get used to that and a lot still can't, including you

    > Well yes, because i can't understand how you can PROVE that
    > something happened indeterministic. In my eyes, when something
    > appears indeterministic or random it's because we LACK
    > something, measurement tools or knowledge!

    Let me set something straight here. There is no branch of science that can
    go out and prove the correctness of a theory. QM is no different: you can't
    prove whether or not it corresponds exactly to how nature works. The only
    field that can actually prove things is mathematics. Physics makes models of
    the world, and only within the reach of that model can there be certainty as
    which outcomes are possible and with what probability. If we are honest as
    scientists we simply can't say with certainty how nature really works. All
    can do is come up with plausible and possible scenarios and descriptions.

    Experimental tests aimed to confirm a theory not rarely realizes the
    actual rejection of the thesis. All I am saying is that after 75 years of
    such well-aimed life-attempts, it is getting more and more likely that QM
    actually gives a correct description of nature in its smallest of being.

    There have been many attempts to prove the incompleteness of QM. The most
    well known candidates are called Hidden Variable theories which have
    deterministic postulates. All have been refuted however.


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