Re: sex and the single meme

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 20:57:34 GMT

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    Subject: Re: sex and the single meme
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    > On 24 Jan 2002, at 22:02, Scott Chase wrote:
    > > I'm not saying selection would be totally unimportant, but one's view
    should > > be tempered with the acknowledgement that other mechanisms could
    come into play.
    > I can't see how memetics should be independent from our
    > selection.
    << Depends which view you take upon memetics, I presume !

    How come memes relate to our thinking process if they
    > are so independent from us?
    << Memes guide in a way that process. Giving in to the notion that genes
    were to be selfish is not so disturbing. You got after all still your mind !
    But giving in to the notion that memes are in total control and put forward
    controller mechanisms which produce preferential selections prior to
    distribution is !!
    Blackmore warned us, memes are dangerous stuff.

    They could be ANYTHING! They don't
    > have to rely on the world around us, but they do! And that's
    > because we select them cause we live in this world and try to
    > survive in it!
    << Memes oganise the environment of where their hosts live in, in such
    a way that their survival- chances and propagation increases.
    ' We ', in a sense don 't select. We are merely vehicles to propagate
    memes, although that is still under debate.

    > To think that memetic/cultural development is independent from the
    > individuals/group choice is useless in my eyes. What else would
    > define which memes survive and which not without us?
    << Their own evolutionary disposition of being pro- life for themselves.
    Memes just use you and me, this list, the Net to put forward their own
    progency. All the ones who are around, in all their forms possible, are
    the ones who survived and will thrive. The one more than the other, but
    still the ones dormant are waiting to pop up someday.
    Group or individual, memes don 't care. ' We ' care, but pro- choise
    memes has selected that for us.



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