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Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 20:33:38 GMT

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    Subject: Re: sex and the single meme
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    > > Who selects !? The ' you ' or your memes !?
    > It's the brain. Evolutionary seen those genes survived which built
    > the brain in a way to let it select memes which made those genes
    > survive and propagate.

    Hi Salice,

    This didn 't came out as I planned or wanted to, but here it is.

    Those genes you were talking about had to have ' reasons ' for such
    an ability, to built a brain in such a way that it would select memes
    which made those survive and propagate.

    Evolutionary seen, genes are just there to make the brain. Memes
    make up its contents.
    Like you say it, Salice you propose that evolution has a certain for-
    sight. We dismissed Lamarckism, remerber. But that is not the issue
    here, and I am certain that it was not your attempt to let it sound this
    way. Perhaps it is me!

    My point is, that evolutionary seen genes and memes are two different/
    seperate things relying sometimes upon one another to do/ to accomplish
    certain things, like changing cultural habits and traits, but IMO memes
    selected those genes which allowed the brain to grow in order to select
    more memes which in turn selected those genes which made them sur-
    vive and propagate.
    IMO, once the memetic evolution began, genes were outdated as the
    primary selection bias. Nowadays, memes select genes !

    And like Wade said, memes put forward controller mechanisms which
    produce preferential selection prior to distribution !
    If there were genes involved in the selection process to select memes,
    memes will disgard themselves of that fact. Us ' knowing ' that could harm
    their propagation and survival- chances_ other memes could take over.
    On the other hand, memes would encourage such a process, just to
    obtain the same outcome, their propagation and survival.



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