Re: sex and the single meme

Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 19:59:36 GMT

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    Subject: Re: sex and the single meme
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    On 25 Jan 2002, at 11:28, Philip Jonkers wrote:

    > Salice:
    > > It's the brain. Evolutionary seen those genes survived which built
    > > the brain in a way to let it select memes which made those genes
    > > survive and propagate.
    > The self (the 'you' you are talking about) is defined by memes.

    I was referring to the whole brain because i think memes also
    operate outside of the conscious myself. But i also see it like you
    that the brain is shaped by memes, but not defined.

    If the brain would be defined by memes everyone could be a
    genius. Just read the right books and you become intelligent but
    there's more to that which is clear i think. Memes are not

    > So when the self selects, provided it is done consciously,
    > it is actually the memes defining the self who do the selecting.

    Again here, of course our existing culture in the head also definies
    which memes we can handle and except/like.. But the dna-defined
    basic brain structure also does its part.

    When you are in puberty certain hormones get out and you start
    liking certain songs alot more than before.. and when you get older
    you get boring ;)

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