Re: Selfish meme?

From: Wade Smith (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 17:57:48 GMT

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    On Friday, January 25, 2002, at 10:29 , <> wrote:

    > There are real consequences to the lack of effective scrutiny and
    > real accountability enjoyed for so long by Enron.

    Thanks. I haven't been following the whole thing much- so,
    almost all of your references fell into the gutter for me.

    A vast, officially sanctioned con.

    Like, oh, xianity, judaism, islam, and all the rest, in many

    But, connected with financial power.

    Like, oh, catholicism.... (And, perhaps, most civil authorities
    and local governments.)

    The real problem with Enronism, for me, is how close it is to
    'Elron'- the name given to a certain charlatan who also started
    a church. Which was a real problem for me with the name in the
    first place.

    Then again, names these days all sound like scams to me.

    Anyway, it's still not too late to call a scam a scam.

    - Wade

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