Re: The Barren Desolate Wasteland of Superdeterminism

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Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 15:48:42 GMT

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    > > On the randomness thing: true randomness really does exist. They come in
    > > the practical guise of random number generators based on atomic decay.
    >Hm, so how can you show that the atomic decay does not follow
    >certain physical rules which are just to complex to understand at
    >the moment? I could show some random number generator on my
    >computer to someone and he'd say "yes the numbers which
    >appear are random, there's no rule to be observed", but when you
    >look at the sourcecode of the "random" number generator you
    >realize that there actually IS a calculating process behind, just to
    >complex to conclude it from just observing the outcome.
    Most people use the word "random" to mean unpredictable. A superior being
    might be able to compute at a level beyond that of humans, and therefore
    would treat our random events as predictable. To him/her they would not be
    random. So "random" says more about the ability of people to predict than
    it says about the event being observed. Also, once it happens, a random
    event is no longer random. If you draw a straight flush in poker, the odds
    against it happening no longer apply and everyone who calculated the odds
    for their betting strategy is gong to loose their money.


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