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Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 13:16:26 GMT

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    Sports are not infectious agents that spring from one individual to
    another - and neither are most aspects of culture. Therefore the issue of
    numbers is inconsequential at best, as we clearly see in this case. That's
    why I called this thread the Baseball Test Case - it provides the reductio
    ad absurdam demonstration that _this kind _of analysis is useless.


    I agree - but at a qualitative level is it not useful to construct a
    research agenda, including hypotheses, around the idea that exposure is a
    necessary and sometimes apparently sufficient condition for adoption - and
    thus is communicable to some extent by contact, ie. contagious or
    infectious, rather than adoption by either intentional influence such as
    coercion (force) or persuasion (argument), or by structural and situational

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