Re: The Barren Desolate Wasteland of Superdeterminism

Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 11:57:16 GMT

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    Subject: Re: The Barren Desolate Wasteland of Superdeterminism
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    On 25 Jan 2002, at 0:24, Philip Jonkers wrote:

    > Nature seems to
    > be intrinsically indeterministic at small enough scales. Einstein, being one
    > of the last of the scholars of the classical school of physical thought,
    > couldn't get used to that and a lot still can't, including you apparantly.

    Well yes, because i can't understand how you can PROVE that
    something happened indeterministic. In my eyes, when something
    appears indeterministic or random it's because we LACK
    something, measurement tools or knowledge!

    > On the randomness thing: true randomness really does exist. They come in
    > the practical guise of random number generators based on atomic decay.

    Hm, so how can you show that the atomic decay does not follow
    certain physical rules which are just to complex to understand at
    the moment? I could show some random number generator on my
    computer to someone and he'd say "yes the numbers which
    appear are random, there's no rule to be observed", but when you
    look at the sourcecode of the "random" number generator you
    realize that there actually IS a calculating process behind, just to
    complex to conclude it from just observing the outcome.

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