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Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 03:46:54 GMT

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    >From: "Lawrence DeBivort" <>
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    >Subject: RE: Fundamentalism and beliefs
    >Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 01:17:24 -0500
    >"Mosque" is an English effort to capture the Arabic word, 'masjid'
    >(pronounced in Arabic mas-jeed). The Arabic root is 'sajada', meaning 'to
    >worship' or 'to bow down before God.' The prefix 'm' combined with the
    >particular form of the root -- 'sjid' -- produces the meaning, a 'place to
    >worship.' 'masAjid' is the plural.
    >In Egypt and some parts of North Africa, the practice is to pronounce a 'J'
    >as we pronounce a hard 'G', though without changing the spelling. Thus in
    >those areas 'masjid' is pronounced 'masgid', and it is likely that it is
    >from this pronunciation that 'mosque' was rendered. French, Italians, etc.
    >rendered the pronunciation and spelling in different ways, e.g. 'mosque'e'
    >in French. See, for example, 'La Grande Mosque'e de Paris' in the 5ieme.
    >Alas, no relationship to mosquito. Perhaps, in between persecuting their
    >Muslim and Jewish subjects, Isabella and Ferdinand found time for some
    I was somewhat skeptical of the mosque/mosquito connection. You can't
    believe everything one reads in a book or on an URL.

    So am I to take it that English speaking Muslims do not take offense to
    having their places of worship called "mosques" because of some supposed
    connotation with mosquitoes being swatted?

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