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Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 15:50:27 GMT

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    >Far Edge Party: One of the main problems of exploring the stellar systems
    >of the galaxy even for very advanced civilizations is that a serial journey
    >even at the speed of light would take so long time that most of the stars
    >would have died during the journey.

    You know, one thing about this speed of light thing and traveling through
    the galaxy has always puzzled me. In literature on modern cosmology I keep
    reading that the universe is around 15 billion years old since the big bang
    from which everything started. We now have telescopes that can bring in
    light that left galaxies some 12 to 15 billion years ago. So, if the big
    bang started us all out from the same point at the same time, and nothing
    can travel faster than light, how did we get here first to receive that
    light? It's a puzzlement.


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