Re: The Barren Desolate Wasteland of Superdeterminism

Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 13:05:17 GMT

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    Subject: Re: The Barren Desolate Wasteland of Superdeterminism
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    On 23 Jan 2002, at 23:31, Philip Jonkers wrote:

    > Everything consists of
    > particles which all obey quantum equations of motion, so everything
    > possesses an intrinsic indeterministic seed.

    I never really buyed the quantum mechanics idea, i think the
    pseudo-indeterministic observations just result from the current
    inability to measure it right cause we lack the tools and knowledge.

    Einstein said something like "God doesn't dice" but even if God
    DOES dice there are still physical rules which define what the
    outcome of the game will be. I think true randomness does not
    exists, it is rather an illusion like free will for instance.

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