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Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 06:57:29 GMT

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    At 06:54 PM 23/01/02 -0800, "Dace" <>


    > > easy to find. Grady has been very low profile for years and they are
    > > still after him.
    >What exactly does this mean? Are they harassing him in some way? Death
    >threats? Stalking? And if so, can't he get the police involved and bring
    >charges against them? Or is it legal harassment?

    Mostly legal harassement, going after his employers, legal stalking (using PIs)

    >[switching threads]
    > > >if i understand Susan Blackmore's book correctly, then she believes
    > > >we have no choice whatsoever.
    > > Susan is *technically* right on this point. It is the direct consequence
    > > of the fact that everything is either directly caused by something else
    > > or the result of a random event.
    >This would seem to render moot your whole case against Scientology. If we
    >have no freedom to begin with, how could a cult steal it?

    Sigh. I don't know why I get into these discussions. If you can imagine
    getting outside our 3 space and one time dimension it is obvious. If you
    can't it is like trying to describe 3D to Flatlanders. I am not the best
    person to describe the situation in any case. Look up what some of the
    heavy science thinkers say about this topic. I might try to answer Joe
    Dees or maybe not.

    > > So you can look back and state with confidence that everything that
    > > happened including any memes you picked up were either caused or
    > > random. You can even say that the future is the same way. But it
    > > makes no difference in the operation sense because you will always
    > > feel you have choice.
    >Exactly. The central theme of Scientology is freedom. This past summer
    >they had a bunch of evening concerts, and they always seemed to be singing
    >about the glories of freedom. It's that perfect reality reversal that makes
    >cults and clinical narcissists so creepy. But if your argument is correct,
    >all of us are victims of a cult, specifically the cult of the brain, which,
    >for reasons of natural selection, makes us believe we have free will.
    >It's difficult to understand, given your belief in universal mind-control,
    >why you're at war with the Church of Scientology.

    They offend me.

    Keith Henson
    PS. In Robert Heinlein's story Starman Jones there is a character who is
    killed on a remote planet. In the story his grave marker reads:

    Sergeant Anderson, late of the Imperial Marines.
    "He ate what was set before him."

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