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Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 00:27:05 GMT

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    Hi Robin Faichney -

    >Sorry, Lawrence, I've been trying for a while to remember where I saw or
    >heard that, without success, though I'm very confident he did write or
    >say it.

    This is apparently from The Selfish Gene, somewhere...

    "Of course," Dawkins writes, "the personification of the gene is not to
    be taken literally ... Personification is sometimes a useful device, and
    for critics to accuse us of taking it literally is almost as stupid as
    taking it literally in the first place. Physicists are not literally
    charmed by their particles and the critic who would so accuse them is a
    tiresome pedant."

    - since it was mentioned in a review of the same at

    - Wade

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