Re: Sensory and sensibility

Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 17:21:12 GMT

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    On 23 Jan 2002, at 8:14, Grant Callaghan wrote:

    > I'm not a German speaker as either a first or second language but I's say
    > the best place to look is at the sex of the root words from which the modern
    > terms were taken.

    Yep. At least with stereo set this does work. Cause in german
    stereo means something like 'stereo facility'. And facility is

    > Do they tack on "o" and "a" endings like the
    > Spanish? Or do you have to learn the proper article to use with a word?

    You have to learn the proper article. This must be pretty hard for
    someone trying to learn the language i guess.

    There are btw some other almost a bit funny examples.

    Living room, bathroom, bedroom and so on are all sexless but
    kitchen is feminine :)

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