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Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 11:06:05 GMT

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    At 01:47 22-01-02 -0500, Francesca wrote:
    >please see the first snipped statement. We are in agreement here. The
    >author's position was that women also participate by choosing mates who
    >are Taliban members, when in fact they have no choice
    >whatsoever. Marriages are arranged and there are no single career women
    >under the Taliban.

    But who is it that arranges the marriages? Is it not both parents? And from
    what I've seen of Arabic cultures, women are the principle enforcers of
    such traditions. It seems to me that their men are too busy providing for
    their families, to devote much attention to this aspect of life.

    Secondly... if it were even remotely possible for a culture to approach a
    condition so extraordinarily out of balance that men not only provided for
    their families but also manipulated the family relationships and the
    behavioral trajectories of their sons and daughters, what might we make of
    the women of such an out-of-whack culture? Is it conceivable that any
    mother-as-primary-nurturer could willingly surrender Woman's Power at so
    wholesale a level as what such a scenario might seem to imply? At issue
    here is the fact that there is no aspect of a culture that acts
    independently of any other aspect... that is, if men are "powerful", then
    it is because women have permitted it, and because women have exercised
    their own power, for example, over their sons in training them to become
    the sorts of adolescents that finally get initiated into the culture's manhood.

    Incidentally, such imbalances (if one accepts that Taliban culture does
    indeed approach such a condition - for example, Taliban fundamentalism as a
    reaction to Western globalization) are not sustainable and will invariably
    result in corrections, whether from within or from without. For this
    reason, we cannot look to them to provide generalizations about "all" men
    or "all" women.


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    Stephen Springette

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