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    At 08:20 21-01-02 -0500, Francesca wrote:

    >First of all the distinctions which he assigned to the gender roles didn't
    >quite work for me. My own impression is that *conservatives* tend to be
    >the ones who sustain the known and police behavior, while liberals are
    >more involved with new ideas. If one looks here in the US at least,
    >conservative thought is more often associated with older white males (at
    >least that seems to be the conventional stereotype - in spite Bush's
    >attempts to portray a kinder gentler conservative party.)

    Conservatism is a way of life, a lifestyle choice, a belief system. So is
    liberalism. And, as a lifestyle choice, liberalism has little to do with
    new ways of thinking. As already stated above, it is commonly associated
    with innovation and new ideas. But this association is false. The emergence
    of liberalism can be understood in the context of liberalism as a
    manifestation of a dormant cultural logic in opposition to conservatism.
    Thus, in the greater scheme of things, there is nothing new emerging from
    liberalism. Liberalism is a reaction to conservatism. It has not emerged
    independently of conservatism and so, once all the old conservatisms have
    been challenged on conservatism's terms, it cannot really be considered as
    having anything to do with innovation or new ideas, any more than
    conservatism can.

    And if we look at the wide-ranging implications of political correctness,
    it becomes clear that liberalism is the new conservatism.

    Genuine "liberalism" lies well beyond the current known that defines our lives.

    Newton's Laws of Emotion:
    There can be no complexity without simplicity.

    Applied simplicity:

    Stephen Springette

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