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Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 08:19:55 GMT

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    > Interesting. Although you could decompose the movements, how does this
    > relate to the situation? ie. etiquete is conditional on the situation that
    > person finds themselves in. eg How you hold your knife and fork may remain
    > the same in two different situations, one 'right' and one 'wrong'. how
    > this provide a description of the situation. I'm going to sit down and
    > about this as it is worth trying to do some reduction and this is a good
    > place as any to start. Mind you atomic reductionism has had a few problems
    > as well.

    By decomposing the meme in smaller descriptive snippets, which are already
    you can communicate (by language) the new meme across the target-group.
    If you would have said you ran an Eniac computer 50 years ago, people would
    usually gaze at you in a questioning manner. You will then go on to
    describing the
    big boy by using known jargon, like transistor tubes, wiring,
    functionalities, analogies,
    metaphores and so on.


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