Re: necessity of mental memes

Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 08:13:10 GMT

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    Subject: Re: necessity of mental memes
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    > I only state here what I believe. I don't expect everyone else to believe
    > it, too. I wrote an open letter to Susan explaining my view and why it
    > different from hers. I doubt she ever saw it, but several other members
    > this forum have come forth to take her side of the arguement.

    It is possible to reach her though, as I did with some email-letters before
    I joined this
    club. But you have to go through a middle-man, Jane Dytoli, first as she is
    in a
    rather delicate position when it comes to receiving emails. According to
    correspondence I had with Nick Rose, the student who actually introduced the
    meme-meme to Sue, 20 years of zero-result scientific research in the exotic
    world of para-psychology and her reporting of it has left her more foes than
    This has forced her to be very careful in passing around her email-address.
    Also she is a very busy bee, and has little time to respond to emails. You
    will notice
    that by the speed she jots them down!


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