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Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 08:00:39 GMT

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    I think ONE of the reasons we chose to couch the ideas of science, law
    medicine in Latin and Greek words is bacause they didn't carry with them
    emotional baggage of words we use to talk about our daily lives. Words
    honor, duty, country and faith rouse certain emotions that have been
    into us since birth. For scientific purposes and objectivity we have to
    separate what we see from what we feel about it. Many a false theory
    sprung up because the researcher wanted to believe in it. My theory can
    sometimes have as much of an emotional influence as my wife, my
    children, my
    home or my faith. Emotions often shape what we believe rather than
    shaped by it.


    Surely combinations of emotions can be considered as memes (or memeplexs)
    which carry with them thier own connotations. If you say that emotions of
    others or theories(?) can influence you how is this different from ideas
    influencing you? If you swap idea for emotion were is the difference?

    Incedently, as someone noted earlier, i agree that this is a good place for
    exibiting a theory, and congrats for doing so. If a list like this can't
    stand some innovation, suggestions or theories what is the point of it?


    Emotions and ideas can be completely detached, as the same idea can have
    a different emotial impact on different people and yet preserve its meaning.
    For instance, the idea `make peace not war', is usually met with a joyous
    emotion. The people at the war-industry however meet it with a different
    emotion as they will regard it as an `unrealistic, untenable and
    overromantic idea'.
    By the way, I like to see the former happen of course but recognize that
    hardly feasible if at all.
    Also, I don't think emotions are directly transmittable by themselves. You
    transfer anger without first communicating its source. Therefore I wouldn't
    emotions are memes.


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