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Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 07:07:27 GMT

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    > >In addition think of the following. Brains work as
    > >unconventional computers who need software. Memes
    > >(ideas, whatever...) provide the software, the programs
    > >to function in life. Just as with conventional
    > >computers programs control the hardware,
    > >the brain, the body, not vice-versa.
    > >
    > >
    > But if the brain goes haywire can one just get on the phone and call for
    > tech support?
    > And if I start seeing that office assistance paperclip thingy (whatever
    > called from MS-Word) following me around asking me questions, I think I
    > to do a little more than hide it.
    > Perish the thought that pop-up adverts might start haunting me while I'm
    > just walking around on a gentle stroll. I think that might take a little
    > more than minimizing or clicking the X to alleviate :-)
    > Yes I'll go to any extreme to explode an analogy.

    You have just tried to explode a forced similarity instead of analogy.
    In all your excitement you've forgotten my perhaps inconspicuous but
    very significant adjective (?) `unconventional'.
    Unconventional computers require unconventional treatment and approach.


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