Re: Three Scientists and Their Gods

Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 07:17:51 GMT

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    > >I have been thinking about Aaron's idea that we should dispose of the
    > >meme, and call them replicators.

    > I have often mentioned in my writing that you could replace "meme" with
    > "replicating information pattern." Replicator is the inclusive class that
    > incorporates genes, memes and computer viruses. Meme though is a short
    > handy word and does not have much baggage (outside of meme discussion
    > groups that is).

    But why do you make a distinction between meme and computer virus?
    A computer virus is nothing but a computer program, albeit somewhat pushy
    and malevolent. Therefore, in principle you should extend the distinction to
    memes from computer programs, which is not correct I think as computer
    programs also feature all the properties of memes. Moreover, computer
    have a high longevity, vary easily and can be terribly fecund and
    easily transmittable (by internet, discs, etc...). A typical example of a
    potentially very
    successful meme I would say.


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