Re: sex and the single meme

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Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 05:30:11 GMT

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    > Grant said:
    > >When I tell you my idea, you receive the information based on your
    > >own concept of what I'm trying to say. Thus my experience, which
    > >led to the idea, and your experience, which is the basis for
    > >understanding what I am trying to convey, act like the two lines of
    > >genetic material that form a new person. The result is a meme that
    > >is not exactly the original idea nor exactly a new idea. We might
    > >call it a hybrid of the old idea plus new material. I have to admit
    > >that seems awfully close to what sex does for genes.
    > This is closer to what I was trying to say earlier. When two
    > bacteria have sex they just meet, swap genetic material and then go
    > on their way (conjugation). No male, female monogamy etc.
    > Bacterial sex. :)

    The original form of genetic engineering.

    > Maybe memes are single-cell ideas?


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