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Date: Wed Jan 23 2002 - 04:24:36 GMT

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    > "Grant Callaghan" <> Re: Grant's theory of EverythingDate: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 19:46:14 -0800
    >>I find i agree with a lot that you have said, and that we do have many
    >>choices in the memes we accept. Where i disagree is that we have been
    >>exposed to various memes throughout our lives that we do not neccesarily
    >>question without a great deal of thought, and that many people either do
    >>do , will not do it or cannot do it. Hence they accept memes that are close
    >>to the one they posses without hte scrutiny that they should deserve, and
    >>act accordingly. eg. If i said to you that Hitler was not that bad a bloke,
    >>you would likely not agree! (and evryone else hopefully!) :-). But for
    >>some reason in the 1930's a lot did. And if they didn't they at least kept
    >>stum. This is what i mean by the idea that memetic acceptance/ rejection is
    >>one of a spectrum rather than a simple filter that we chose to interpret
    >>world in terms of our 'wants'.
    >>Both yourself and Philip are at least attempting to to narrow the field a
    >>bit and good luck to you both for trying.
    >>As i say i see a spectrum.
    >>Look forward to your comments,
    >I agree that although we have a lot of tools available to choose from, we
    >most often grab the one we are most familiar with, just as the carpenter
    >grabs his favorite hammer rather than the newest and most advanced on the
    >market. Nail guns are superior in many ways to hammers but lots of
    >carpenters still don't use them. Courting procedures are often scripted by
    >the culture in which we live and change comes slowly.
    >I was amused today by an article on Shanghai that showed pictures of new
    >brides and grooms. They would have looked at home in New York. White gowns
    >and tuxedos were on all the principals, and there wasn't a sign of
    >traditional Chinese dress anywhere, although the signs and messages posted
    >around the ceremony still used the traditional sayings of double harmony,
    >Chinese women have also been freed from the tyrany of having their mates
    >chosen for them by their parents or a rich uncle. Most of them now marry as
    >a result of personal attraction to someone. But go-betweens still do a good
    >business helping people find a good mate. They just do it for the bride now
    >rather than her parents. So new choices are producing new memes based on
    >old ones. Some of the new choices have been imported from America, along
    >with Macdonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken. The result seems a bit like sex
    >between different species that produced something like a mule. It's neither
    >horse nor donkey.
    With the difference that mules are sterile, and these hybrid memes may be (and in some cases are) proliferent.
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