Re: Three Scientists and Their Gods

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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 23:28:09 GMT

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    At 07:56 AM 22/01/02 -0800, "Grant Callaghan" <>


    >>I have often mentioned in my writing that you could replace "meme" with
    >>"replicating information pattern." Replicator is the inclusive class that
    >>incorporates genes, memes and computer viruses. Meme though is a short
    >>handy word and does not have much baggage (outside of meme discussion
    >>groups that is).
    >>Keith Henson
    >What do you think the chances are for a ten-syllable name replicating and
    >taking the place of a one-syllable name like "meme?" Fageddaboudit.

    Extremely close to zero. :-)

    Keith Henson

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