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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 21:56:26 GMT

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    A complex behavior such as a fancy eating etiquette or royal
    may be decomposed in several programs of bodily movements. Each
    of these
    programs may be expressed further into more primitive patterns of
    behavior until the movements are too mundane and non-unique to
    allow further
    recursion. The atomic level has been reached then.

    Comments, additions, wise-cracks? All are welcome...


    Interesting. Although you could decompose the movements, how does this
    relate to the situation? ie. etiquete is conditional on the situation that a
    person finds themselves in. eg How you hold your knife and fork may remain
    the same in two different situations, one 'right' and one 'wrong'. how does
    this provide a description of the situation. I'm going to sit down and think
    about this as it is worth trying to do some reduction and this is a good
    place as any to start. Mind you atomic reductionism has had a few problems
    as well.



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