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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 18:34:14 GMT

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    >>Indeed, ultimately it is the orginator of the idea
    >>who is the `master', who is human. But that
    >>doesn't mean that people can't be spellbound by
    >>infectious memes. Cult-idealogical memes set a good
    >>example. Such memes fill a need to some receptive
    >>people indeed, but in return you will work as a
    >>slave for the cult-doctrine for the rest of your
    >>life (unless you get deprogrammed of course).

    >Remember that song that has the lyric: Just keep on
    using me until you use
    >me up.
    >In the song, his friends felt he was being used, but
    he didn't feel that
    >way. Who was right? If I'm doing what I want to do
    and it benefits someone
    >else, is that being used? Why are cult members
    necessarily being used? I
    >was raised in a parochial school and the nuns
    certainly didn't feel like
    >they were being used or that the order they decided
    to join was bad in any
    >way. Why should a scientologist who has made a
    decision about what to
    >believe be thought of as someone who has been
    captured and used by the
    >forces of evil? John Travolta doesn't look ensnared
    and enslaved to me.
    >Some cult leaders do evil things but there is no
    reason to tar them all with
    >the same brush.
    >The Chinese are trying their damnedest to make the
    world believe the Falun
    >Gong are something evil. Their philosophy concerns
    exercising for good
    >health and telling the truth at all times. But the
    communists also call the
    >Catholic Church and any other church that does not
    allow itself to be
    >managed by the party in China an "evil cult." You
    can go to jail in China
    >for attending a service in an unauthorized church. A
    number of people have
    >recently been arrested and put on trial for smuggling
    bibles into China.
    >A cult is what people call an organization they fear
    and don't understand.
    >If they are successful in keeping their members, some
    people will assume it
    >is because the members are being held against their
    will or they have been
    >tricked in some manner to do something they would not
    willingly do
    >Some people might see me as a slave to my wife and
    kids, but I see myself as
    >their willing servant and protector. My salary is
    the good feeling I get
    >about myself and what I'm doing. Many cult members
    must feel much the same

    Okay, Cults may not be very overt in exercising
    control over their members. If cult-leaders were like
    true prison-guards cults would not be able to flourish,
    at least not to great extent and would never make
    it to the next level: religion. Cults exercise a
    subtle form of mind-control but strong enough to drive
    some to mass-suicide or armed revolts. Mind-control
    in cults succeeds by disguising coersion in a cloak
    of perceived `welldoing'.


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