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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 15:51:46 GMT

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    > Beyond the relatively minor issue of accepted dress codes are the more
    > important issues of being able to exercise freedom to seek education and
    > employment. What were the Taliban's views on women learning and women
    > working?

    In my opinion and what I understand about the Taliban, overwhelmingingly
    repressive: Women were not allowed to work, and girls were excluded from
    schooling. Men were required to grow beards. Generally, people, men and
    women, were denied in many areas of family and social practice any choice;
    these rules were imposed by the Taliban, which established a special police
    capability to enforce the rules. The Taliban derived their justification
    for all this, from two sources, Pushtanwali -- the tribal codes of the
    Pushtan tribes of Afghanistan and Pakistan -- and Islam. Scholars
    knowledgeable about either assert that the Taliban perverted both to come up
    with their repressive and deadening rules.

    The most insightful analysis of the Taliban that I have seen reflected in
    the press and scholarly writings, and one that I believe is accurate, is
    that their beliefs, like other current fundamentalist movements, are a
    largely inarticulate reaction to what they see and experience as the
    excesses of 'Western' globalizing culture.

    I'll quote the most succinct explanation of this that I have been able to
    find, from Karen Armstrong's BATTLE FOR GOD, in a separate email, with the
    subject heading, "Fundamentalism".


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