Re: Sensory and sensibility and a big question

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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 04:35:48 GMT

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    Philip said:

    >You're right at the Frankie but we covered that
    >a few months ago already (November or something).
    >If you're interested in the
    >thread on that subject go back to the archives and
    >start reading from my posting
    >`Debunking Pseudoscience: Why horoskopes really work'.

    Thanks. I subscribed to this list way back in 1999, but with my
    shortage of time and your longage of traffic, I was never more than
    an Erratic Lurker. In December I found I had a little more time so I
    went into Full Lurk mode and am trying to catch up on some of the
    back posts that I still have on my machine. I have worked my way
    through August and September. Sorry for the redundancy.

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