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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 03:41:15 GMT

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    >In addition think of the following. Brains work as
    >unconventional computers who need software. Memes
    >(ideas, whatever...) provide the software, the programs
    >to function in life. Just as with conventional
    >computers programs control the hardware,
    >the brain, the body, not vice-versa.

    So what is the CPU? Is that hardware or software or both? Does the CPU
    use the software or does the software use the CPU? I think describing the
    relationship in terms of user and used does not adequately explain it.
    Neither does it describe the relationship between the people who use memes
    to accomplish their objectives. It's a two-way relationship that provides
    benefits to both sides. I use these words to say something to you. As a
    result I am able to make a point and the words and the ideas they represent
    are passed on and perpetuated. So who is using who?


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