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Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 01:18:48 GMT

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    Philip said

    >No. Ted may rightfully argue that memes based on
    >logical error are pathological memes too as they
    >testify of a perverted way of regarding reality.

    Good point. The distinction I was trying to make might not be of
    value at all. What if I said that there was a distinction between
    the areas of the brain where these memes originate? Logical error
    memes arise out of the logic centers of the brain, and are often
    amenable to change when the errors in logic are pointed out.
    Pathological memes do not even pretend to be logical, and are much
    more difficult to alter or remove because they are reinforced through
    other non-logical centers of the brain. An example of a benign
    pathological meme might be the suspension of reality when you watch a
    movie. For the duration of the movie you *believe* the movie is real
    because you *want* to believe it, even though logically you know it
    is not. If someone sat next to you during the movie and constantly
    reminded you that it wasn't real, you would probably be really
    annoyed with them. A more disturbing example might be the whole
    issue of "denial".

    >If you come to the conclusion that
    >`all men are assholes', you have just discovered a
    >new pathological meme yourself. We are not all
    >assholes dammit! (Pardon my French)

    Sorry, that was meant to illustrate a non-logical meme. I do not
    personally ascribe to this view at all. And I think you guys have
    managed to create a great group here, with lively conversation and a
    diversity of opinions. Thank you for being so tolerant while I
    offload 15 years of pent-up meme-thought.

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