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Date: Mon Jan 21 2002 - 23:52:22 GMT

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    >But I don't believe it's the idea that becomes the
    puppet master. It's the
    >person who sees a way to use an idea for that purpose
    who becomes the puppet
    >master. The men who used fear of God to make people
    accept ungodly ideas is
    >the villain, not the ideas themselves. They use
    ignorance and fear to drive
    >out ideas that might counter what they preach. They
    convince people to
    >accept ideas that fly in the face of what their
    senses tell them by selling
    >the idea that faith is more real than what your eyes
    can see. That heaven
    >is a better goal to strive for than a life of peace
    and harmony with one's
    >neighbors. This is the work of men, not ideas.
    Ideas are just the tools
    >they use.

    In addition think of the following. Brains work as
    unconventional computers who need software. Memes
    (ideas, whatever...) provide the software, the programs
    to function in life. Just as with conventional
    computers programs control the hardware,
    the brain, the body, not vice-versa.


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